Monday, August 15, 2011


My best friend was over yesterday and we were talking about how when some people are stressed they PICK. I don't mean just look at your face and see if there is something that needs to gently be extracted, I mean dig until you are satisfied by seeing blood. Let me share with you the best way to "gently" extract any blemishes you might feel are in need of extraction.
There are many ways to do this and many tools to use. I will break them down in a do and don't column.

Our fingers are great, but they need to be clean and wrapped in either a cot or clean tissue to keep from spreading any bacteria.

A good extractor is also a great tool if used properly. Make sure that you have sanitized it and PLEASE don't go crazy with any metal object on your face.

Please people, keep your skin clean as well as your hands when you are extracting. Do not pick at your face with dirty hands and make up on. When extracting clean and prep the skin before you begin.

Random metal objects like a safety pin, bobby pin or anything else that is not specifically for extraction, should not be used on the face. If you need to lance something boil a sewing needle before hand and be VERY careful.

I know what it is hard to not pick at everything that we see, but try to use a good spot treatment to treat it before you go digging at your face. If it needs extracted be gentle and don't force anything. Remember that when trying to cover something up, it is much easier to conceal something smooth than something rough like a scab.

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