Monday, August 20, 2012

Bright Eyes

Many women have issues with puffy, tired, baggy, and wrinkled eyes. This, of course is a problem. I have a quick at home fix that you might find useful. We have all heard of putting cucumbers on our eyes for this issue.
                Here is why: Cucumber slices over eyes may help reduce puffiness, thanks to a combination of the frutis water content, vitamin K, and caffeic acid. A cucumber is also very hydrating being that it is more than 90% water.

There is a slight risk of developing an eye infection if you place raw vegetables directly to the skin, even if thoroughly washed. I recommend making cucumber eye pads that are easy to freeze which keep for months. Here is a few steps on how.

Step 1.  First you will need to juice a few cucumbers using a blender or juicer. Make sure the cucumbers are thoroughly washed before juicing. Mix the juice with a little bit of water. 

Step 2.  Soak either 2"x2" cotton pads or 2" cotton rounds in the juice mixture until well saturated. Squeeze the excess juice from pad leaving it very moist but not dripping.

Step 3.  Lay pads flat in a freezer bad making sure not to over lap the pads so they don't stick together which make it hard to separate when frozen. Place pads in freezer and let freeze over night before using.

Step 4.  When you are ready to use the pads remove two from freezer bag and place on a plate to let thaw slightly so there is no ice build up on pads.

Step 5.  Apply the pad directly to the eyelids, relax and let the magic juices do their work. Let them sit on until they have warmed up. 

Step 6.  Wipe eyes with clean cotton pad and apply your favorite eye cream. I recommend Aveda Green Science Firming Eye Cream. This product moisturizes, helps smooth fine lines and reduces appearance of puffiness and dark circles.


  1. Love this!! Thanks Autumn for the helpful beauty tips! Keep em coming! :D

  2. Hey there! A couple of eye questions: What would you recommend for eye make-up remover? For eyeliner? I am going to try this cucumber magic. I have dark circles. Any recommendations for concealer around the eyes?

    1. Three of my favorite things for eyes: Aveda Inner light concealer, Aveda petal essence eyeliner, and Aveda pure comfort eye makeup remover. Just remember to be super gentle with your eyes since it is the thinnest skin on your body. Thank you for your comment and let me know if you have any other questions.