Friday, August 17, 2012

Stay in shape

On a regular basis I get asked "what is the best shape for my eyebrows?" This is a very good question and one that most people have not quite gotten figured out yet. There have been so many different trends concerning eyebrow shape that I think most of us have lost sight of what "looks the best". Lets start with NATURE. Everyone has a natural shape to their brows that can help you when trying to define them. One bit of advice would be, not to go too far away from that natural shape and remember that when removing hair from your brows sometimes less is more. Below is a great diagram of where your natural shape should be on your face.
Before starting your brows it is best to find the right lines to follow and where to begin. I recommend using a brow pencil to fill in the shape before you begin tweezing or waxing at home (at home waxing is not recommended). Here is how to find the right shape.

1. The center of the brows should line up with the outside edge of nostril directly below as shown in section A. The best way to get a good line is to use a pencil or chopstick positioned on the face then draw line with brow pencil.

 2. The highest point of the arch should be just outside of the eye as shown in section B. Follow the natural shape of your brows to this point and fill the line in with brow pencil. If you do not have adequate hair you will need to let it grow in to get a full shape.

3. The outside edge should not be any farther out than the outside of lid lining up with outside of nostril as shown in section C. Using your pencil line the eyelid and nostril then draw ending with brow pencil.

4. The bottom of the brows should line up evenly from the bottom as shown in section D. You can again use your pencil to make sure there is no more hair than their should be under brow.

Just remember, when shaping your brows, if there is not hair where it should be then you need to let it grow in to fill the proper shape. Here is a good example of what we want and do not want.


  1. This is so good to know! I've been meaning to go get mine waxed, so I keep letting them grow out and get nice and nasty and then I meet up with some friends or do something where I need to actually look presentable and end up just plucking them myself. It's so hard for me to get them to look right and especially even! I haven't had some awesome looking eyebrows since you did them for my wedding...hopefully these tips will help! :) Thanks Autumn.

  2. Thanks Autumn for this reminder on eyebrows. Story of my life on keeping mine tamed and to not have the unibrow look. Love the blog!

  3. I remember you teaching me this some years ago. Great reminder though!