Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Caviar Nail Tutorial

Caviar Nail Tutorial
I love it when new nail trends come out and I get to play with the different colors and ideas. Here is a quick tutorial for caviar nails that are really fun and easy. Keep an eye out for fun holiday ideas with this trend.

To start you will need to pick your color and micro beads. I got a set of six micro beads at Micheal's Craft store for around $7. You can get larger sets or buy them individually as well.

1. Apply a base coat and your first layer of polish letting them both dry completely.

2. To apply the micro beads you will want to work with one nail at a time. Add second coat of polish to first nail.

3. While nail is still very wet sprinkle beads onto nail over a bowl to catch falling beads. Make sure to cover entire nail with beads.

4. Once beads are on the nail press gently to secure the beads to the nail. Follow steps 2, 3, and 4 for each nail.

5. Once you have finished applying beads to each nail clean up the edges to get rid of any extra beads.

6. Make sure to let each nail dry completely before applying the top coat. Once they are dry apply a layer of top coat making sure to cover entire nail.

7. Let them dry and have fun! I love these nails because the possibilities are endless.


  1. How long do they last and how well do they hold up? They look very cool but I'm imagining beads in my smoothie, beads in the girl's hair, etc...

  2. They last at least a week if you do it right and you won't get any beads in anything if you make sure to clean off the loose beads and completely cover the nail with top coat. If you are not sure if you want to do them on your hands they are great on your toes as well.

  3. That is super adorable - love that Pure Ice color! Haven't seen that one yet?!

    Stopping by from Chef in Training.

  4. oh my gosh so cute!! I am so doing this!!