Monday, October 22, 2012

Perfect Red Lip

Makeup Monday ~ Seven Steps To A Perfect Red Lip
A bold red lip is always beautiful and for some, a little scary to wear. For most women it is the fear of it looking awful. Here are seven tips to help you feel more comfortable with those bold colors and achieve the perfect red lip.           

1. Start by moisturizing the lips with lip balm or moisturizer.

2. Using a gentle brush, exfoliate the lips to remove any loose dry skin.

3. Apply concealer or foundation to the lips to help the lipstick color look more bold as well as help you achieve a better line.

4. Line the lips. As long as the outside is what you want the inner lip doesn't need to be perfect.

5. Fill in the lips with the desired color. It is best to use a color that matches the liner.

6. Use concealer or foundation to fix any mistakes or perfect the line of the lips.

7. Add gloss if you want a shiny lip and to help the lips look bigger.

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