Monday, September 17, 2012

How To Clean Makeup Brushes

Makup Monday ~ Brush it off

    Women everywhere who wear makeup have their own way of applying their favorite styles. I prefer and recommend to use makeup brushes for your applications no matter what they may be.  From foundation to lipstick brushes are by far the best way get a good, even, well blended makeup application. The question is how often do you clean your brushes? Have you ever even thought about it? Well here are my quick recommendations for keeping those, usually expensive, brushes clean.

First off how often should you clean your brushes?
   Foundation brushes - Once to twice a week
   Finishing and bronzing brushes - Once a week
   Blush brushes - Once a week
   Eyeshadow brushes - Every two to three days
   Eyeliner/ Smudge brushes - After every use
   Lip brushes - After every use

Here are three different cleaning methods that I suggest.

   For quick on the go cleaning you can use sensitive non scented baby wipes. These are not an everyday or deep cleaning recommendation but they work great for travel.


   The second type of cleaning I recommend is a liquid brush cleaner which is good if you are only cleaning a few brushes at a time.

   The best deep cleaning method I recommend is using either a mild shampoo or a baby wash to really get deep down into the brush. You can also pretreat/clean your brushes by using olive oil to remove any stuborn,  waterproof makeup and recondition your brushes.


You can apply the cleanser directly to each individual brush or poor a good amount in the bottom of a glass.


Set brushes directly in and move them around to make sure each one has cleanser on it.

Fill glass with water and move brushes around to help cleanse the bristles.

Remove each brush one by one and clean on a paper towel until you no longer see color coming out of the brush.

Rinse all of your brushes as many times as needed to remove excess cleanser.

Remove any excess water from brushes on a clean dry towel.
Prop brushes up with bristles down to make sure all the water is out of the ferrule. The ferrule is the part of the brush that is inbetween the bristles and the handle. If you let water sit in the ferrule it can warp the handle  and loosen them over time. Because makeup brushes can be expensive it is always good to take proper care of them.

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  1. I am soooo bad at this. I love my brushes but I don't give them the love they deserve. Must. Do. Better.